Amanda Orcutt

I was born in Newton, MA in 1985 and aside from a brief stay in Long Island NY have been on the South Shore ever since. My dad and grandfather were both talented artists and my older brother and I both inherited that talent, though he let me take the torch on art at a young age. I've been drawing ever since I can remember and thats what I'm doing whenever i get a free minute. Even in elementary school my favorite thing to do was draw, especially characters from Disney movies. In high school I had a very hard time, like any teenager, and met my art teacher Dave Crawford who would be my saving grace through those 4 years. I dropped all my classes except the necesities and filled them all with art classes, and in that time developed a great foundation for what would become my career and passion. I began tattooing in a shop in North Attleboro in early 2008 with the help of Chris Capozzoli, a talented artist still early in his career. I grew quickly working with him, bouncing things off each other constantly and collaborating on projects, both drawings and tattoos. I began to develop my own styles and techniques and build off them in constant experimentation. Along the way I have met and been deeply inspired by many different kinds of people in the industry and have learned countless things and realized that I will never stop learning, and that is what drives me to do more and more. 2008 was also the year that brought me together with my husband Mark, who supports me day in and day out and is always there with helpful criticism to better myself and my art. I am so happy now to be moving on to work with such great artists as Tony and Jerry and am so thankful for the opporunity. I plan on taking my drawing to new places by extending the clothing line I began recently, and I have one flash book ready to go and another on the way. Tattooing has become my passion and you can plan on seeing plenty from me real soon!

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