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The artists make their appointments on a first come, first served basis and being at the shop to make your appointment in person is best. Bringing in any reference materials you may have will also help the artist determine the correct amount of time to book for your tattoo. Tattoos are priced by the amount of time they will take. The shop charges $150 an hour. Tony has a different way of making appointments than the other artists please click here.
Booking this way is designed to be as fair as possible for the client and artist. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

* Appointment Request *
Email Tony, Jerry, or Amanda your ideas. Please be as detailed as possible.
Include: Placement on body, approximate size, and attach any pictures or any reference.
They will email you back if its something they think that can do justice to. There hourly rate is $150/hr, and Tony has a two hour minimum. They enjoy doing larger project tattoos, and this type of tattoo will take priority over smaller one sitting pieces. Though that doesn't mean they wont do smaller tattoos, so email them your ideas. They are booked months ahead and Tony travels a lot, so please allow a few days for there reply.

We Suggest calling the studio before heading down to make sure the artist that you are wanting to meet with is available.

When Cancelling an appointment think of the artist. If you need to cancel your appointment please give us a couple days notice. So we can try to fill the spot. DON'T CALL WHEN YOU KNOW WE AREN'T OPEN SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAN UP. We understand sometimes things just don't work out for whatever reason.

please call 781 585 9393 and then dial the appropriate extension found below.

Tony Ciavarro 114

Jerry Issel 113

Amanda Orcutt 112

Ralph Frazier 111