The Artists at Stinky Monkey take pride in producing clean, quality tattoos. Tony and Jerry have been working together since their days in Connecticut over ten years ago. Amanda started at the shop 3years ago. Ralph is the newest addition to the Stinky Monkey Family.

Click on an artists name to the right to see their art. be sure to check out all the different portfolios on the pages. At Stinky Monkey we are not only tattoo artists but all around artists who strive to progress and get better with every new challenge.

The Artists at Stinky Monkey are capable of doing any style of tattooing. Tony is known for his bright bold colorful work, Jerry is known for his portraits and being a complete all around tattoo artist. Amanda does a little of everything. Ralph is just starting out but mainly enjoys drawing black and gray.

We welcome every tattoo customer with any idea, from big custom pieces to your first tattoo.


Recent Images from the artists: