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Shop Rates

$175/hr  $200 minimum



18+ ONLY


The artists make their appointments on a first come, first served basis and being at the shop to make your appointment in person is best. Bringing in any reference materials you may have will also help the artist determine the correct amount of time to book for your tattoo. Tattoos are priced by the amount of time they will take. The shop charges $150 an hour.

Booking this way is designed to be as fair as possible for the client and artist. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 


* Appointment Request *

Please Fill out the Appointment Form by Clicking the link at the top left of the page.

We will then forward the request to the desired artist.

Please keep in mind we are extremely busy and a response might take a few days.

We are worth the wait.


We Suggest calling the studio before heading down to make sure the artist that you are wanting to meet with is available. 


 Amanda, Robert and Ralph are always happy to try and fit you into their schedule. You may not have to wait too long so please call to inquire about availability.


When Cancelling an appointment think of the artist. If you need to cancel your appointment please give us 48 hrs. notice so we can try to fill the spot. DON'T CALL WHEN YOU KNOW WE AREN'T OPEN SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAN UP. We understand sometimes things just don't work out for whatever reason. Keep in mind we all have families and mortgages to pay just like you. If we don't work we don't get paid

* Appointment With Tony*


Tony usually splits the day into two sessions, 11-3 and 4-close. Because of his travel schedule Tony is booked out only a few months at most to allow for conventions and guest spots. 

Tony's hourly rate is $175/hr, Bright Colorful Cartoony New School tattoos. Single Sitting pieces are preferred but larger projects are always welcome. 


Email your ideas. Please be as detailed as possible.

Include: Placement on body, approximate size, and attach any pictures or any reference.

Tony will email you back if it's something he thinks that he can do justice to.

* Appointment With Amanda*

Amanda now has a minimum of $200 and will charge $175/hr. 

* Appointment With Ralph*

Ralph now has a minimum of $200 and will charge $175/hr. 

* Appointment With Robert*

Robert now has a minimum of $200 and will charge $175/hr. 


please call 781 585 9393 and then listen to the Auto Attendant for extention INFO


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